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ANTIQUE LATE 1800'S GERMAN LITTLE BISQUE GIRL FIGURINE HOLDING A FRUIT BASKET , Gorgeous RS Prussia Scenic 6 Plate Flowers Circa late 1800's Red Mark Set 3, Late 1800's Antique Porcelain Transferware CHINESE SCENE Serving Plate, 19th Century COPELAND LATE SPODE Imari Coloured Plate Floral 7829 21.5cm, Antique Vienna Austria Game Bird Guinea Platter, late 19th Century, Late Foley Shelley England Parrot Hand Painted Floral Quality Porcelain Bowl Old, Very nicely hand enameled late 1700s New Hall Pottery Georgian porcelain teacup, Antique Germany Late 1800s Circus Girl on Horse Miniature Porcelain Figurine WOW, LATE 1800s CHIC STORE PREMIUM FRUIT PLATE SHABBY WOW, Antique late 1800s 3X3 AE American Encaustic Co Art Tile, Pretty antique 1891 1910 Copeland Late Spode classically sprigged stoneware jug, VICTORIAN DRAB GLAZED POTTERY FIGURE OF A GIRL WITH GUITAR LATE 19TH CENTURY, Pair of Signed Rosenthal Dishes, Late 19th or Early 20th Century, Antique Doulton Burslem Creamer, Late 1800's, C4298, Floral Pattern Gold Trim, Antique Butter Crock from late 1800's, Late 20th C White French Collection Paris Floral Porcelain Tea Cup , White English Ironstone 5 1 2 Round Soap Box Lid Tureen Lid c Late 1800's, Sarreguemines, Joan of Arc, Late 19th c, 2 Victorian Ceramic Hand Painted Late 1800's Vases Perfect Pair , WHITE, Antique BOUCHER Opaline Turquoise Blue Pitcher Creamer Rare late 1800's , Ridgway Coaching Ways Pitcher with Silverplate Cover Late 19th Century, 11'' antique very old late 1800's early 1900's Blue Cystal Bowl two handled , CO GLASGOW ORIENTAL PATTERN late 1800, LATE 40'S TEA CUP AND SAUCER WHITE GOLD AND BLUE, BLUE CERAMIC PORCELAI HANDMADE ITALIAN CELLINI VASE NR164 POSS LATE 18TH CENTURY, VICTORIAN BISQUE PORCELAIN FIGURE OF A YOUNG WOMAN LATE 19TH CENTURY, White China Tea Cup Hand Painted made in Germany 1921 and the late 1930s , Co Fish Tiles 6 by 2 Broseley Late Victorian Tin Glaze , VERY EARLY ANTIQUE LOW BOWL MARKED GEORGES LATE 1700'S TO EARLY 1800'S , Late 18th Century Possibly Earlier Chinese Sauce Dish 3, VICTORIAN CUPS GOLD TRIM LATE 1850's, Vintage Reproduction of a Late 1800s Dutch Delft Tile in Boston Fine Art Museum , GOLD TEAPOT, Antique Germany Late 1800s Detailed Rococco Colonial Suitor Miniature Figurine, ANTIQUE PORCELAIN FISH FORM MOLDS European, late 19th century. , Antique Late 19th or Early 20th Century Porcelain Soup Tureen, Pink Rose Bouquet, Late 18th Century Possibly Earlier Chinese Sauce Dish 4, Late 18th Century Possibly Earlier Chinese Rice Bowl 16, Bluish Lusterware Glass Creamer, Iridescent Finish, c. late 19th Century, Co White English Ironstone 9 Late Tulip Oval Tureen Lid 1870 1880's, Garrett Late Spode New Fayence Avian Midst Foliates Plate 19th c., Late 19th Century Porcelain Toast Rack with Scallop Shells and Gilding, Gildea Walker Late Mayer Sylvian Cups Aesthetic Period Brown Transfer Polychrome, Antique Pansy Bouquet Porcelain Salad Bowl 10 in Owen Minerva Late Victorian VG, 1885 1888 Small Stoneware Pitcher Pewter Lid Late Mayers James Gilder, Rare Collector Late 1800s Antique Altrohla Austrian Decorative China Plate C A, Late Victorian Early Edwardian DENBY Mottled BLUE BROWN TOBACCO JAR, W Late Mayers Ceramic Transferware Milk Pitcher 1880's Melbourne, Vintage Signed Vase and Watering Can, Antique, Mid to Late 19th Century, Vintage Clover Blossom Cottage Cheese Crock. Late 1800s early 1900s. , Anthony Shaw White English Ironstone Soap Slab Soap Dish Late 1800's, PAIR OF CONTINENTAL MAJOLICA PLATES WITH FRUIT LATE 19TH CENTURY, VINTAGE LATE 19th.c POTTERY PITCHER EWER JUG , ANTIQUE GERMAN LUSTREWARE PINK MOLDED TEACUP ,CIRCA LATE 1800'S